Site Setup & Customization


Starting September 1, 2017 all new websites include the bundled customization package in the registration set-up fee of $150.00.  The set-up services include all items listed in the chart below.  Note that CoursePress Pro is now included in the registration fee.



 Prior to 9/01/2017 CoursePress Pro software installation was not included in registration but only as an add-on service. If you have a website created before 9/01/2017 you can get CoursePress Pro installed including 13 courses for just $30. See promo below. 


Note:  Since all websites created since January 17, 2017 included the set-up bundle, we have now assumed that all sites created before that date have already purchased any addon customizations, we are now closing the Customization Shop.  If you have a site registered before 1/17/2017 and want additional services other than CoursePress Pro shown above, all that you need to do is create a support ticket with your requested service and we will invoice you for the service.

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