Save A Bundle! – Our New Bundle Of Customization And Set Up Services


We love happy subscribers, and we’ve found that our happiest subscribers are those that have maximized their Using Essential Oils website by adding the powerful MailChimp newsletter integration,  Eventbrite integration for their classes, added a logo and background from our Customization Shop, and maybe made a few more customizations.

We have also found that our subscribers are really busy people who want to focus on their Wellness Advocate business, and life’s other demands, rather than setting up the features on their website – and they always appreciate a good deal!

So we’ve created a bundle of customization and “pampered” set up support of our most popular features, and offer them at a discount of over 54% to help our subscribers get the most out of their UEO website – at a great price!

Here’s the special Bundle Package which is now available at our Customization Shop:

Set Up and Customization Package2


Of course, all of these individual customizations are also available ala’ carte at our Customization Shop, and here are instructions on how to set up your Mail Chimp and Eventbrite features on your own, if you have the time, confidence, and inclination, but we think you’ll find that this offer is a great way to get the most for the least –  so you can get back to growing your business!

Visit our Customization Shop now to get started!

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