New Wellness Advocate Locator Directory!

Wellness Advocate Directory Announcement

We’re happy to announce that we’re improving the way that visitors to our corporate website find our Wellness Advocate subscribers!

Here’s the issue: From time to time internet travelers find their way to our corporate Using Essential Oils (UEO) website. Some of those visitors then want more information from a Wellness Advocate in their area. In the past, we made an attempt to connect the visitors to a UEO subscriber via email introductions. Unfortunately, this method wasn’t always as quick, convenient, or easy enough for the visitors and so we thought we should create a better approach.

The result is that we will now be adding a Wellness Advocate Locator Directory, searchable by state, onto our corporate website which will include any  active UEO subscribers*. This is included in your subscription – there is no additional charge!  If you have a currently active subscription, you are already in the directory!

This directory listing will include your name, a small thumbnail of your profile picture, your site name, and a tagline which you can customize. Your Site Name will be linked directly to your UEO website.

Wellness Advocate Directory-example


As we have prepared the directory, we noticed that many of our subscribers have not created the best site title or tagline for their sites.  We want to give you an opportunity to optimize this information before we have the directory go live on Friday, February 26th.

We recommend that you review your site title and tagline and make changes if desired.


The steps are easy.

1.       Go to your dashboard menu and hover over Settings. Click on “General”

2.       The Site Title is the first setting block on the top of your page. You may have already entered words into this field when you registered, but now those words are even more important. You can use any words you like for your Site Title to best reflect you and your site.  Note : this is not your URL address and you cannot use Using Essential Oils or include doTERRA in your Site Title.  Your Site Title shows up next to your blog post title on Facebook, for example. Your Site Title also shows up on the browser tab, along with the page name, for the page you are on at that time, and on SEO search results.

3.       Below Site Title is the Tagline block. Again, you may already have entered a tagline you like during registration, but if not, you can choose a descriptive or motivational sentence or a combination of keywords separated by commas, that you like for your tagline. Currently, all UEO subscribers have a default Tagline of “Natural Solutions for Health, Wellness and Vitality”. You can continue to use this Tagline if you like, but be aware that this tagline will not differentiate you from other UEO subscribers who may be using the same Tagline on the Directory.

Here’s another tip: SEO experts say the combination of your Site Title and Tagline should not be more than 67 characters for best results.

Before you leave your Settings, you might also check to make sure your Time Zone setting is correct!

4.  Save your settings.

That’s all there is to it!

If you have any problems, just create a support ticket and our support team will be happy to help you.

* If you do not want to be included in the directory, you can opt-out of the directory on your profile page).



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