New Support System and Setup Process

We are always looking for ways to improve our service and support for you while still keeping our pricing afordable (even for new Wellness Advocates.)

Support System

Although we have been using a feature rich system designed for networks like ours, we have found that we needed additional features to support you better.


After researching many possible support systems, we are happy to announce that we will be launching Awesome Support on Wednesday, 12/20/2017.

The primary benefits of this change are:

  1.  Reply via email.  We have found that in the ticket process, many of you would reply to our support tickets via email rather than through your dashboard ticket which has caused orphan tickets that did not include the full communications.  Our new program provides for responding via email!
  2. Auto Close tickets.  Our new system will auto notify you when we are still waiting for a response and will close within a week.
  3. Ability to Split tickets.  Although we will still recommend that you create one ticket per topic so that each topic can be completed and closed independently; our new system will all for us to split tickets.
  4. Merge tickets.  There have been times where our users will create multiple tickets for the same ticket rather than updating an existing ticket.  Our new system will allow for us to merge duplicate tickets into one.
  5. Gravity Forms integration.  We use Gravity forms for all of your setup features so this should enhance efficiency.

What we want you to do


We will be closing out the tickets on our existing program.  We request that you login to your website > Support and review any outstanding tickets.  Please close all tickets that have been resolved.


Site Setup & Training

We will be replacing our Getting Started Newsletter Series that dripped our training and setup with a simple Course.  This course framework will still provide for you to set-up the features of your site at your own pace but it will allow for you to work on the sections you want in your own preferred sequence.  The set-up forms will always be at hand and easy to access.  In addition, this framework will provide for a forum to share learnings and ideas.

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