New Referral Bonus Program Doubles or Triples Referral Payments

You can now earn double and triple bonus payouts for your referrals to Using Essential Oils.

From the start our goal has been to provide Wellness Advocates a  robust website solution at an affordable price.   Like all businesses, some of our costs are fixed and others variable.  As the business grows, the fixed costs per site decreases.  We are so thankful for the referrals that we have decided to increase the Thank You payout for our most active and supportive affiliates.


Affiliate Bonus Achievement Tiers

2 bonus tiers that will double or triple your monthly payment based on the number of paid subscribers you have referred to date.  Once you have reached a new tier, all new referrals will  receive the associated bonus.

Tier Level Number of Paid Referrals Regular Payment per Referral Bonus Total Payment per Paid Referral
Level 1 0 – 24 $10 0 $10
Level 2 25 – 49 $10 + $10 Bonus $20
Level 3 50 + $10 + $20 Bonus $30

The following is an example showing the bonus calculation from the Affiliate dashboard.


Bonus tier advancement only includes the paid members via your affiliate link.  Although most affiliate programs will only pay out for sales brought directly to the site via an affiliate link, Using Essential Oils generally includes write-in referrals at time of registration if there is no prior connection to the sale.  Although, we plan to continue providing manual credit, the manually added sales will not count toward achieving tier levels.    To get maximum payout, please use your affiliate link.


Many of our affiliates will receive top tier bonus equaling a $30 per referral payout with their November payout in December! Thank You!


This is just our way of thanking you again for helping us build our Using Essential Oils community.


Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate program, feel free to contact us.

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