How to Create Lead Capture Notification Bars

Use Our “Heads Up” Lead Capture Bars to Promote Features and Gather Customer Contact Information.  Many of you have asked how to make a notification bar for the new eBook feature.

Using Essential Oils websites includes the Heads-Up notification bar that you can use to call attention to your content and capture customer contact information.  This great feature adds easy to make notification bars to add to the top or bottom of your website pages.  You can make as many as you like.  Two bars have been pre-made and ready to go but are fully customizable with your own text message or images and even videos.   You can use the bar to highlight monthly promotions or link to your Subscribe, New to Essential Oils squeeze page, Free eBOOK squeeze page, Contact page so you can capture your visitors email, build your mailing lists and follow up! Here’s a link to the homepage of our demo site where you can see the Subscribe to Newsletter Heads-Up bar

Heads-Up FeaturesHow to Make Notification Bars
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Create multiple bars, as many as you want.
  • No limit on bar height, it will just fit your content
  • No limit to the amount of text or links in a bar
  • Add images to bar
  • Can use “shortcodes” in bar
  • If there is more than one bar then the bars will display randomly
  • Schedule when your bars show up by setting a start and end date.
  •      The Bar can be set to expire on a specified date
  •      The Bar can be set to start on a specified date
  •      The Bar can be set to run between specified dates
  • Choose where to display bars:
  •      Choose between the top or the bottom of a page to display your bar
  •      Display on all pages
  •      Display only on the interior pages of your website
  •      Display only on the home page
  • Allow your users to hide or show the Heads Up Bar

You have a Heads Up Menu on your dashboard.  Click on the menu and you will be brought to a list of existing bars.  Here you should find the 2 bars that we have already created for you to get started. (Note, if you do not have these bars in your list, please submit a Support ticket using our Support System on your dashboard and we will install for you).  You can edit these bars by clicking the title of the bar and you can change it in anyway that you want.

Heads Up Bar list

Editing or creating a new bar is as simple as writing a blog post but there are a few custom options such as colors, which pages they are displayed on, location of bar on the page either top or bottom.

To create a new bar, click on the “New Head Up Bar” and follow the image illustration below.

Heads Up bar tutorial

When you are finished, make sure that you publish to activate now or put in draft status to be used in the future.

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