To help answer any questions you may have, we’ve provided FAQ topic categories below.  Click on a category of interest to find various questions and answers regarding the specific topic category.

For support regarding questions that have not been answered:

  • Current subscribers, please submit a support ticket.  Click Here.
  • Non subscribers, please submit a contact form.  Click Here.
46 FAQs

  • How can I get a UsingEssentialOils.com email account?

    We do not offer Using Essential Oils email accounts.

  • How can I use my own logo on my website?

    The instant websites are designed to be ready to go instantly with the existing logo in place, but if you want your own logo to appear on the front page in place of the Using Essential Oils logo, we can replace that for you along with a background image or color choice that you provide. This customization option is included in the one time registration set up fee after January 17, 2017.

    If your website was registered prior to January 17, 2017 you can still customize your logo for a one time fee. To get started, just go to our Customization Shop.

  • What if I want to use a different website address?

    If you happen to have your own domain, we can map your domain to your yoursite.usingessentialoils.com.  This service is included in the one time set up fee for all websites after January 17, 2017. If your website was created prior to January 17, 2017 you can still purchase domain mapping from our Customization Shop

    Simply put, domain mapping just means pointing yoursite.com to your usingessentialoils.net/yoursite, so when your customers and friends visit yoursite.com they will see your Using Essential Oils website and yoursite.com will remain the visible address.

    It doesn't matter where you registered your domain, you can still map it to your UsingEssentialOils.com site.

    ExamplesHow to Set-Up

    Example #1 - Domain Mapping with Using Essential Oils logo and background

    Example #2 - Domain Mapping with custom logo and background

    After you have purchased the one-time setup fee in our customization shop, create a new support ticket with category "Domain Mapping" and include your domain name.  We will then begin the process and contact you with instructions for the next step.  The full process can take up to 48 hours.



  • How is my website updated?

    What about updates? 

    The website will get free instant updates in several ways. First, some of the content will get updated as new products, catalogs and quarterly magazines are available. If dōTERRA changes any of their informational pages or adds new products, we’ll automatically put them onto your website at no charge to you. We also automatically update your blog each week with dōTERRA blogs from the corporate website which you can share to your social sites like Facebook, or send out in your automated newsletters with our MailChimp integration. Important new research will be added to the blog pages when available and new articles and videos may be added if they meet the dōTERRA compliance regulations.

    Additionally, the software controlling the website as well as internet security software will also be updated as new versions are released, also at no charge to you.

    In other words - we handle the updates for you so you can focus on your business!

  • How to Add Affiliate Link to Text for Email or Post

    1.   Type the word or phrase that you would like to use for your "hot linked target/anchor" where you want to embed (add) your affiliate link.  For example, the phrase: ‘Using Essential Oils Instant Websites’.  I just typed that, so it has no affiliate link added to it yet. 

    2.  With your mouse, highlight the word or phrase you just created.

    3.  With your Target/Anchor Word  still selected, (Using Essential Oils Instant Websites in this example) Click on the Insert Link icon in your rows of Formatting icons, and you will see the ‘Insert/Edit Link‘ drop down box.

    Link text -Format-icons

    4.  . Enter your Affiliate Link URL into the Destination URL text box.


    5. Check the Open in New Tab box

    6. Click Add Link.  All done – Easy as.

    Now check out your phrase you tried to add a link to: Using Essential Oils Instant Websites. It should now be ‘Hot’ which you can tell by the underline and change in font color.  Whenever anyone clicks on this link the system will recognize your unique affiliate code and record it in the system with our 45 day cookie so that if your referral subscribes with a paid account within 45 days of their initial click-through from your email, you will receive a $1/month thank you from us for each month they continue to subscribe.




  • How to Add Affiliate Banner Ad to a Post or Page

     Our Affiliate program provides you with the HTML Code for ready-made Banner Ads that include your affiliate link.  You will find the banner(s) on your Dashboard > Profile > Affiliate Banners

    You can insert your banner on a post or page.

    1.  Copy the HTML code associated with the banner that you want to use.

    2.. Create a new post or edit an existing one or find the page that you would like to include your banner (perhaps "Join our Team" or post.  

    3.  Change the editor tab from "visual" to "text"  

    4.  Now that you are using the text editor, paste the banner code you copied in step 1.

    5.  You can now change back to the "visual" editor where you should now see your banner and continue writing your page or post.


  • What is the Event Integration feature?

    Included in your registration set up fee ( after January 17, 2017) is our dynamic Events Integration feature! This means that after this is set up, you can use most major event software providers like Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCalendar and others, together with your website to help make your events a huge success! Here's more information on this exciting feature from our blog

    With our integration feature all of the events that you create on your favorite event software will automatically be listed on your website’s “Events” page. A calendar widget of your events is also included on your blog page.

    Eventbrite FeaturesHow to Use

    You may have received invitations created using one of these event software programs, but you may not know all that they can do for promoting, managing and building your audience base. Here's a summary:

    1. Easily create and customize your event information and registration form.
    2. Promote your event by easily sending invitations via email, Facebook, Twitter and Mail Chimp.
    3. Collect registrations and track real time progress of your attendees.
    4. Follow up with reminders and messages to your invitee list.
    5. Automatically create a guest list for your event check-in.
    6. Build and grow your invitee list for future classes.

    If you purchased your website prior to January 17 2017 and did not use our Customization Shop for help, these are the detailed steps to get the new feature working on your website.  It should only take a few minutes total.

    1. Go to Eventbrite and login.  On the top menu bar, click on the down arrow next to your name and select "Account"
    2. On the very bottom of the left side menu on your account page select "App Management" and then click on "Create a New App"
    3. A very short form will appear for you to complete. Complete as per image below.


    eventbrite create app

    1. Next go to your website and login and go to dashboard
    2. Click on "Premium Features" on left side menu (this is a new feature which allows you to activate the premium features that you want that are part of your package.
    3. Click on "activate" below the Eventbrite Pro listing. This will generate a new menu on left side for you to enter your Eventbrite settings and it will also auto-generate your new navigation menu.
    4. Click on new Eventbrite Pro menu on left side and fill in the 3 fields as per image below:

    Eventbrite website settings

    At this point your website is integrated with EventBrite.  Every time you you add a new event at EventBrite, it will automatically be added to your Events page on your website.  Only your current  upcoming events will display.

  • What will my dashboard look like?

    The Using Essential Oils Instant Websites is not only pre-loaded with content it has been designed to be easy to setup and use.  Wherever possible the settings have been pre-configured for you.  Leaving your dashboard with just the couple of items that you need access to customize or get support.

    There are additional menu items for some of the advanced features of the higher level packages.  However, your dashboard will only have menus for the features available for your package.

  • Can I access from my smart phone or tablet?

     Yes!  The Using Essential Oils Instant Websites use responsive technology.  What this means is that the content is adjusted to optimize display on all different display types and sizes.
  • How do I get the contact information after someone fills out a contact form?

    There are two different Contact forms that visitors can find on your Using Essential Oils website. One is found on the Contact tab on the top navigation bar. The other is found if the visitor clicks on the Free Sample button on the homepage. This allows you to keep track of general contact lists and a separate list for those that have requested free samples from you, if you provide them. 

    If a visitor enters their contact information on either one of the forms, you will receive an email alerting you. In both cases, you go to your Contact Form section of your dashboard and you will find a list of entries. You toggle the "switch form" to select between the two lists created from the two different forms. You can find the "switch form" toggle on the right side above the list of entries. 

  • Is the content of the website in compliance with dōTERRA guidelines?

    Yes, as part of the Compliance Certification and Licensing process with dōTERRA International, they reviewed all the content that we’re providing on our websites and gave their approval of the information and messaging to be in compliance with dōTERRA and FDA requirements.  See below.

    Certification Approval Email

  • My link to mydōTERRA store isn't connecting. Any suggestions?

    You find the place to enter this information on your dashboard in the Profile section about 1/2 way down the input form. Make sure there is no typo when you enter your URL and that the URL you insert starts with http:// For example – http://mydoterra.com/yourname

    If you are still having problems, please go to the Support section of your dashboard and start a support ticket. We'll be happy to help you. 

  • Can I post events like my upcoming classes on my website?

    Yes!  Event integration is included in our website packages. Event Integration set up is included in the registration set up bundle on all websites created after January 17, 2017. Websites created before January 17, 2017 can also enjoy this feature. Just go to our  Customization Shop and we will set it up for you for a small fee. It's a great tool. Here's some information below:

    Use our Event Integration tool together with your website to help make your events a huge success.  Here's more information from our blog. With our integration feature all of your events that you create on Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Facebook, and most major event software platforms will automatically be listed on your website’s “Events” page. We can even add a calendar widget of your events for your blog page.

    Eventbrite FeaturesHow to Use
    You may have received invitations created using event software, but you may not know all that event integration can do for promoting, managing and building your audience base. Here's a summary:

    1. Easily create and customize your event information and registration form.
    2. Promote your event by easily sending invitations via email, Facebook, Twitter and Mail Chimp.
    3. Collect registrations and track real time progress of your attendees.
    4. Follow up with reminders and messages to your invitee list.
    5. Automatically create a guest list for your event check-in.
    6. Build and grow your invitee list for future classes.

    These are the detailed steps to get the new feature working on your website.  It should only take a few minutes total.

    1. Go to Eventbrite and login.  On the top menu bar, click on the down arrow next to your name and select "Account"
    2. On the very bottom of the left side menu on your account page select "App Management" and then click on "Create a New App"
    3. A very short form will appear for you to complete. Complete as per image below.

    eventbrite create app  

    1. Next go to your website and login and go to dashboard
    2. Click on "Premium Features" on left side menu (this is a new feature which allows you to activate the premium features that you want that are part of your package.
    3. Click on "activate" below the Eventbrite Pro listing.  This will generate a new menu on left side for you to enter your Eventbrite settings and it will also auto-generate your new navigation menu.
    4. Click on new Eventbrite Pro menu on left side and fill in the 3 fields as per image below:

    Eventbrite website settings

  • How do I get my Premium Features activated?

    All websites include Premium Features at no additional cost! Click on the Premium Features link on your dashboard. You'll find the Eventbrite and MailChimp Premium Features listed.  Just click the "Activate" link on that particular feature. 

    Some of the Premium Features require a short setup procedure, which you can do yourself. Therefore, we highly recommend that you activate one Premium Feature at a time and make sure you're set up properly with that feature rather than activating them all at once.  If you hit a snag, you can submit a support ticket on your dashboard under Support and we'll be happy to help sort it out for you.  If you prefer, we will also set up the Premium Features for you for a small set up fee at our Customization Shop.

  • What features are different on my Using Essential Oils website from the dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate website ?

    dōTERRA has provided a beautiful website for Wellness Advocates. It does, however, have it's own limitations.  

    We've added many features and business tools for you in our website packages that are NOT available on your my dōTERRA website store such as:

    • Newsletter/MailChimp integration. Send out automatically generated newsletters to your newsletter lists with auto generated blog posts. 
    • Auto-Blogging capabilities; you will have fresh  content posted onto your own website weekly, directly from dōTERRA's blog, and added to your newsletter!
    • Automatically be notified by text message when new blog posts are added to your website so you can share to social media.
    • Heads Up lead capture tool pre-set and ready to go; build your mailing and client lists from your website visitors.
    • Social Media – Automatically share blog posts to Facebook and other social sites
    • Website background skin customization available at our Customization Shop
    • Website logo customization
    • Domain Mapping - use your own URL
    • Events Management / Event integration - automatically posts to your website
    • and more!


  • What does MailChimp integration mean?

    We integrated MailChimp into our Using Essential Oils Instant Websites because it's an amazing email marketing tool that helps you stay in touch and reach out to your clients and contacts through newsletters that you create and which are automatically sent out to your lists at times that you determine. They are really easy to set up, and easy to track. 

    More than 7 million people use MailChimp. Our MailChimp integration provides multiple ways for you to capture mailing list subscribers to help build your mailing list.  You can add a MailChimp opt-in to your contact forms and Heads-Up Lead bar,  You can also create a MailChimp RSS template to automatically create a newsletter with every blog post on your website.

    Click Here for detailed instructions.

  • How do I get help if I'm having trouble setting up my website or have a general question?

    We want your Using Essential Oils Instant Website experience to be hassle free and easy for you to set up and use. We know that you may still have questions or need some assistance. To make that process as easy as possible, we've set up a support ticket system. You'll find this by clicking the Support button on your dashboard. All you need to do is open and submit a new ticket, and our support team will be automatically notified and will get right to it. We do ask that you submit separate tickets for each question so we can also track the completion of your requests. 

  • What is the Heads Up Lead Bar Feature?


    This feature adds an easy to use notification bar to the top or bottom of your website pages.

    Heads Up Features:

    • Customizable color schemes
    • Two are already installed. Create as many as you want. Go to our Customization Shop to order more!
    • No limit on bar height, it will just fit your content
    • No limit to the amount of text or links in a bar
    • Add images to bar
    • Can use shortcodes in bar
    • If there is more than one bar then the bars will display randomly
    • Schedule when your bars show up by setting an start and end date.
    •      The Bar can be set to expire on a specified date
    •      The Bar can be set to start on a specified date
    •      The Bar can be set to run between on a specified dates
    • Choose where to display bars:
    •      Choose between the top or the bottom of a page to display your bar
    •      All pages
    •      Only the interior pages
    •      Just the home page
    • Allow your users to hide or show the Heads Up Bar



  • What does it mean to share posts to social media? Why should I do this?

    With Social Sharing your posts, you can automatically publish your blog posts to your favorite social media sites, and the articles link back to your website (not the corporate website), where you can use the powerful lead capture tools to try to build your newsletter and customer lists.  In addition,  your visitors can promote your content by sharing to their most popular social networking and bookmarking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn). As part of your package, social sharing buttons are already set up on every page to make it easier for your visitors to share your content onto their favorite social media sites.

  • What is a Social \"Follow Me\" button? How do I set it up?

    Follow Me social buttons allow visitors to also follow you on your other social media sites. You can find access to the simple set up on your dashboard at the Social Follow Buttons link. Just add the URL of your other social media sites and decide where you want the Follow Me buttons to appear on your site.

    Add Social "Follow Me"  Buttons to your website and multiply your business with these Social Sharing buttons. Follow Me buttons are available for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and even your email or other website address.  The buttons can be customized and placed to the left or right side of the page and you can specify the display from the top margin.  The buttons will automatically appear for each social service that you entered.  If you do not participate with any of the social sites, that's OK too - the slider buttons only appear if you do. follow me buttons on page


  • When sharing a post to Facebook, the wrong image is displaying on Facebook

    In regards to Facebook, the available images when sharing a post or page is all dependent on the Facebook servers and when they scrape images from websites.  It is an issue with Facebook that is a problem for many; see thread  examples.  Sometimes you will see all of the images available to choose from and other times only a couple are picked up and as you have found there are times that what you see is not what gets posted.  This can be very frustrating.

     In addition, Facebook displays a smaller image on shared posts compared to images uploaded on Facebook directly.  So although it is great to have the sharing links on your site for visitors, here is a tip for maximizing the image when YOU want to share a post or page

    1. Login to Facebook
    2. Start a new post but BEFORE you insert the URL link . . . (If you put the post URL first it will use the smaller image format)
    3. Upload your image (Now your image will display the full width of post at 470px)
    4. Now go back and add in the URL link of your blog post.


  • About Me Page Photo: I recently updated my About Me Page, and somehow the photo went from the left to the right; how can I move it back to the left?

    When you are editing, you can click on the image and you will see two boxes on the upper left corner; an X to delete and a pencil to edit.  When you click on the pencil an Image Details page loads where you can modify the display settings like alignment and size.  You can also make the image linkable by using the Link To option.  There are also some image editing tools available on the right side; just click on "Edit Original" which provides for cropping, scaling, flipping and rotating your image. If you need more help, use our Support Ticket system and we'll help you!


  • What do I need to do to get started?

    Your Instant Website is ready for visitors as soon as you register for your website, so there is nothing you have to do immediately, however, here are the steps you can take to give your site your own personality and messages. This should only take a few minutes.

    Profile Picture – Until you add your own picture, we have loaded the dōTERRA logo as a placeholder. To add your own picture: Go to Profile and upload the picture that you would like displayed on your homepage. Use a square image; the image will be resized to 126 px X 126 px.

    If you have a problem uploading your picture, send us your picture in an email and we will upload for you and have it displayed on your Homepage and your About page. If you would like a different picture to be used for your About page, just include it in the email too. Send to support@usingessentialoils.com

    We have also placed pre-loaded messages on your Welcome Message, About page, Join Our Team page, New To Essential Oils page and Blog page, so your site is ready to go immediately.

    (Note: You can edit some of these pages to personalize your website. Go to your Profile page from your dashboard to update your Welcome Message. Other pages may also be personalized but require a simple approval process so that they remain in compliance. Read more about that here.)

    Blogs – To remain in compliance with dōTERRA, the only blog posting allowed on the Using Essential Oils websites are dōTERRA blogs from their corporate site which are automatically posted to your website.

    Social Follow Buttons – This is an optional feature for those that participate in various social media sites. Go to Social Buttons Settings and simply enter the URL’s for any social media account that you participate with. For any social media URL that you enter, a button will automatically appear on the right side of your pages for visitors to “follow you”. This is not required.

    Your site is now uniquely yours with your personal messages and personality!

    A few more things to know:

    Contact Form – We have created 2 Contact Forms. One is linked to your "Contact" tab of your menu bar. The other is connected to your New To Essential Oils page. Your Contact Forms have been set up for you and will send you an email when anyone fills out the contact form. The email that it uses is the same one you used when you registered as shown on your profile page. In addition to receiving an email, messages are stored and you can access in Contact Form > Entries.

    Affiliate Link– As a thank-you for helping to promote Using Essential Oils Instant Websites to your dōTERRA colleagues and members of your downline, we are offering you referral commissions We pay you a $1/month referral fee for anyone who visits our site from your affiliate link and purchases a website package within 45 days. Go to the Affiliate menu under Profile and activate your affiliate account and your Affiliate Link code will get generated. Simply place the Affiliate Link in an email or on Facebook posts, and we do all the rest.

    More Help - We have set up the FAQ's and Video Tutorials to help you. If these do not answer your questions or you need more assistance you can use our Support ticket system located on the side bar of your dashboard and "add new ticket", Our team will address your problems or questions as quickly as possible. This system will also track and record your questions and our responses until your question is adequate answered and you close it out. This approach also helps us develop more FAQ's to help others.

  • How can I find my Affiliate link?

    Your Affiliate Link can be found in the Affiliate Details section of your Affiliate Report.  To find your Affiliate link go to Profile > Affiliate Referrals which will bring up your Affiliate Referral Report.  On the upper right hand side of the Affiliate Report, you will see an "Edit" button.  When you click the "Edit" button the Affiliate Details section will open where you will find your personal Affiliate URL link.  

    Affiliate Link


  • How can I sign up for the Affiliate program?

    All you need to do is activate your Affiliate Referral found on your Dashboard under your Profile. You will be given an affiliate link which you can use to promote our website program in your emails.  All of the unique clicks they attract, free trials and paid sign-ups are then tracked and displayed on your dashboard.

    When logged in to your dashboard, you will see a menu item at Profile > Affiliate Referrals.

    Affiliate menu

    Click on the Affiliate Referrals menu and you will see that signing up for the Affiliate Program is as simple as saying “Yes Please” and entering your PayPal email account and then click on the Update Settings Button.  If you ever have questions, there is also a link to this instructional page.

    Affiliate Signup

    After you click the Update Settings, your Affiliate link is generated and the page will re-load.  On the upper right hand side you will see an edit button link.  Click on the link and your Affiliate Details, including your new Affiliate link, will display.  Copy your URL to use in email letters and postings so that you will get credit for the referral.

    Affiliate Link


  • How do I setup and use MailChimp feature?

    MailChimp integration and set up is included in the set up fee on all packages registered after January 17, 2017 and is a powerful tool to help you grow your business - and not available on your free doTERRA website.

    If you registered a website prior to January 17, 2017 Click Here to learn how to setup MailChimp, how to build your mailing list and how to setup an autopost newsletter. If you would like us to set this up for you, go to our Customization Shop and we will handle set up for a small fee, and you can get back to focusing on your business.

  • What is Facebook Open Graph Plus

    This is actually a new feature that has recently been added.  This feature Inserts Facebook Open Graph, Google+, Twitter and other Meta Tags into your WordPress Website for more effective and efficient sharing results and is included as an enhancement to one of our core features Share Posts to Social Media Sites.

    We have added this to all of the websites and configured the settings so that you really do not need to do anything.  However, for our subscribers who have “author” accounts with Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter, we have provided access to settings for the ability to add in the account seetings.  Just go to Settings > Facebook Opengraph Plus on your dashboard.

  • How to add Contact Form on Facebook

    Facebook now has Call-to-Action button option for Facebook Page.  It is very easy to use for your contact page.

    1. Next to your Like button on your Page in the cover photo, you will find a drop down for you to set up your call-to-action button.
    2. Facebook will take you through a wizard to choose your call-to-action.  The first question has two parts.
      1. Choose your call-to-action phraseBlog_CTAFB_CoverPhoto
      2. Choose where you would like to send people who click on the button.  If you want it to be your contact form, just use the url for the contact page, ie https://websites.usingessentialoils.com/contact-us/Blog_CTAFB_3
    3. Decide if you would like iOS and Androis users to visit the same web page or would you rather them be linked to your app if you have one.  Note:  your website is responsive and resizes for various size devices, so for your contact form, just select “website”Blog_CTAFB_4
    4. Test it out.


    You can also put a MailChimp newsletter signup app on your Facebook Page.  I found some easy instructions on this blog.

  • Preferred Member Page - Can I delete this option on my website?

    There are mixed opinions from Wellness Advocates on this topic. Ultimately, we have felt that to automatically remove the Preferred Member option on all our subscribers sites could backfire when visitors are transferred to dōTERRA where the option is presented to them. However, we are here to provide a service that supports your business. 

    We also realize that one size doesn’t fit all so we have created an alternate page, that does not include the Preferred Member option at all on that page, that we make available in our “Customization Shop”.   These are available for a one-time nominal set up fee. Find more info here 

    We can also create a customized page for your specific look and message for this page. This option is also available at our "Customization Shop"  and is quoted on a case by case basis.

  • Can I customize the Contact forms on my website?

    Yes! There are actually 2 contact forms that have been automatically created for your website.

    1.  The general Contact form that is found on the navigation menu

    2.  The 2nd form is part of the “Are you new to essential oils?” page.  You can see this contact form when you click on the Are You New to Essential Oils banner on the home page and also on the side panel of your blog page.

    Both of these Contact forms are ready to go as they are, but they can be edited by you at our Customization Shop. 


  • Can I customize my website with my own logo?


    All our sites registered after January 17, 2017 include this customization feature as part of the registration set up fee. If you registered your site prior to January 17, 2017 we offer logo customization, and much more, through our Customization Shop for a small set up fee. Here’s the link





  • What is an "Automatic Blog Post"and how would I use it ?

    Each week we update all of the currently active websites with several fresh doTERRA blog posts as new content for your visitors!  

    Using our op-in text notification feature, you can receive text notifications whenever we add fresh content. Some subscribers then share the fresh blog post to their Facebook and other social sharing sites, which is a great way to get your expertise, and your website address, out to a larger audience. Some of our subscribers also use our powerful MailChimp integration to create auto MailChimp newsletters from their blog posts - so this feature provides them with fresh content for their newsletters, too!




  • How can I Add a Form to my Page or Post?

    It is very easy to add a form into your post or page. We do it for you.  Just visit our Customization Shop for more information.


  • How Can I Embed a Video on a Page or Post?

    You can use our new widget feature to add videos onto your site! NOTE: They must be doTERRA compliant content. Only dōTERRA produced or approved videos are permitted on the website. You can find doTERRA approved videos on the official doTERRA YouTube channel




  • How can I share blog content with facebook?

    From your website.  At the bottom of your posts and pages are a row of social icons.  To post to Facebook, just click the Facebook icon.

    Facebook share example 1  A dialog box from Facebook will pop-up for you to log-in.  After which, the post/page summary and title will appear with an image.  The first time Facebook connects to a post/page it gathers the image info – so it does not appear.  To force it to show, click “Cancel” and then click the Facebook icon again.  This time you will not need to login again but you should now see the image for the post.

    Facebook share example 3On this page, all you need to do is select where you want to post on Facebook, add your comment and then click “Share Post” and your post will now be posted to your selected Facebook page.


  • Do you have any website security features?

    Internet security is a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, no website is absolutely safe and even some of the biggest corporations on the internet have had problems, so we can't make an "iron clad" guarantee that your site will never be a victim of hackers.  However, Using Essential Oils Instant Websites uses a combination of security features to help provide extra protection from hackers who may be trolling the internet with malicious intent.  Our system has multiple layers of security with multiple providers to create redundant security for all our Instant Websites.

    As a subscriber, you can also do your part to protect your site. You will be given an opportunity to create your own password and user name during set-up. You should create a strong password and make sure you keep it in a safe place. We have also added a "sign in with Facebook" feature so that you can use the same Facebook user name and Facebook password that you use for your Facebook account, if that is easier for you to remember and use.

    Because of these tightened security protocols, if you try and fail to log on after the allotted number of times because you've used the wrong user name or password, you may temporarily be locked out by our system because it will think you are a threat. If that happens, you can always contact support@usingessentialoils.com for assistance. Also, remember to add usingessentialoils.com onto your safe email list so that our support emails are not blocked by your email security and spam filters.

  • What will my Using Essential Oils Instant Website URL address be?

    Your website address will be set up like this: yourname.usingessentialoils.com

    What if I want to use a different website address? 

    For people who have or want their own personal URL address, domain mapping is available as an add-on feature in our Customization Shop.  Regardless who you buy your domain from, we can map the domain to your Using Essential Oils website.  In this way, when people visit your domain, they will see your Using Essential Oils website.  You can further customize by changing the logo and background and you will have all of the features and content of Using Essential Oils websites with your name, look and feel.

    See also FAQ category:  Domain Mapping

  • Is this website licensed by dōTERRA corporate?

    YES! Using Essential Oils has a license agreement with dōTERRA to provide websites to Wellness Advocates. We were also offered a unique opportunity to be the first replicated website developer that had a template that was Certified Compliant (see below).  So, you’ll be glad to know that all the content on your Using Essential Oils Instant Website is officially Certified Compliant by dōTERRA. That means that they have thoroughly reviewed the site for all dōTERRA requirements and granted us permission to provide these websites to dōTERRA professionals at all levels.

    Certification Approval Email


  • What about technical support?

    We've made the site so “user friendly” that you shouldn't need much help, but just in case you do, we've set up a technical support system to solve any problems you might encounter.  Our FAQ section is the first place to go for help and if your specific question or conern is not adequately covered, just submit a support ticket.  Our support system tickets is the best approach for support.  With this system, your questions (one topic per ticket), stays open and tracked until you close the ticket.  On your dashboard under Support, you will see an archive of all of your support questions.

  • I've never had my own website. Is this complicated to set up?

    We've designed this website with you in mind! All you need to do to get started is enter some basic information onto simple input forms and you’re ready to go! All the content is already in place and your dōTERRA store is automatically linked. We also include customization as part of your set up registration fee. If you registered your site prior to January 17, 2017 you can still customize your site with your own logo and backgrounds at our Customization Shop. For more detailed information see also FAQ category:  Getting Started

  • How will this help my business?

    Having a strong, professional and trustworthy image is an important part of any business.  Your own professionally designed and informative website sends that message. Additionally, the Using Essential Oils website contains content which helps you teach the benefits of essential oils without sending your clients all over the internet looking for reliable videos, articles, research and recommendations. This helps you become a credible and reliable source of information.

    Our powerful tools, like auto-blogging, MailChimp integration, Eventbrite integration, and lead capture tools, help you maximize your business building efforts in a cost effective and time efficient way, and stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

    Our instant websites, Certified Compliant by dōTERRA, allows you to focus on building your dōTERRA business rather than building a custom website.  Custom websites takes substantial hours of your time plus the professional service costs of a website developer, hosting provider, graphic designer, and technical support to design, build content and maintain your site with both content and technical infrastructure.  Importantly, you should know that other than our Using Essential Oils Certified Compliant websites,  dōTERRA does not allow Wellness Advocates below Diamond level to utilize dōTERRA brands, information, products or images on individual websites. Our websites can save you thousands of dollars in time and money upfront and remove the hours of frustration dealing with security, technical and content updating concerns.

  • What technical knowledge is required for your instant websites?

    The instant websites for dōTERRA professionals was designed for non-technical users so that you can get a website up and running simply and inexpensively within minutes - so you can get back to focusing on your dōTERRA business!

    When you complete the sign-up form a website is created complete with content. If you want to do additional customization, you can do that at our Customization Shop.

    1. Home page welcome.  Directly on your homepage an attractive welcome message appears that includes your photo, the brief generic welcome message which is already in place, the dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate logo and your dōTERRA IPC #.  This is very short and sweet and will link to your About Me page.
    2. "About" page, here you'll find another generic message, already uploaded. 
    3. "How to Purchase" page, you need to add the URL for your dōTERRA store and Join link. 
    4. "Join Our Team".  Although the Using Essential Oils websites are consumer focused, we've added a page that describes the benefits of joining your team.
  • Is New Content Added To My Site Regularly?

    Yes! That's one of the best features of your Using Essential Oils Instant Website! Some of the content is automatically added and some of the content can be added by you to personalize your website. 

    Instant Blogs: 4 to 5 a new blog articles each month are posted onto your site using doTERRA generated, compliant, content. When we add a new blog article you receive a text message letting you know, so you can share excerpts of this new content on your social media sites like Facebook, and invite visitors to your website to read the blog.

    doTERRA Courses: If you want to add some of the new courses that doTERRA has created onto your site, we offer a way for you to upload those courses at our Customization Shop. Here's more information on this exciting feature.

    Events: Your website will automatically update your events from Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup , icalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook and most major event software platforms. Here's more information on that feature. This takes a set up which is included in the set up bundle after January 17, 2017. 

    Widgets: We recently added a widget feature which allows you to add new content on the side panel of your website. This can be used for announcements, free offers, contests, etc. Here's more information on that feature.

    Personalized Pages: You'll have access to several pages which you can personalize and update whenever you like. Here's more information on this feature.

  • Can I use custom widgets on this site?

    Yes! We've added a simple sidebar widget which allows you to add text, images, video and audio. This is a great feature that can help you create your own contests or specials, highlight classes, and many other uses.Here's more information. 

  • Can I host interactive classes on my website?

    Yes! CoursePress Pro from Wordpress can be set up onto your website for a small one-time set up fee. 

    CoursePress Pro is a learning platform that allows you to design and deliver beautiful courses, complete with bold media content, videos, interactive questions, forums and assessments.

    When CoursePress Pro is live on your site, you will be notified when visitors enroll in a course and when they submit discussion questions so that you can easily reply to their questions.

    To get you started, we have built 2 pre-made courses created from doTERRA Power Point Class Presentations available for Wellness Advocates and have embedded multiple videos and discussion questions.

    Essential Oils for Beginners (Demo)
    Emotional Aromatherapy

    You do not need to upgrade your Using Essential Oils monthly subscription to include CoursePress Pro.  You can have this robust learning platform added to your website with 2 courses completely setup for just a one-time $50 setup fee.  Once we install the software and courses you will have dashboard access to edit the material to personalize it as you wish.  You can also create your own classes.  Just make sure that your content is compliant and that you honor copyright laws.



  • Can I have a different looking home page?

    Yes! You can make changes and personalize your homepage to some degree. The footer information will remain, as will the current doTERRA catalog and monthly specials, but the main portion of the page can be customized. 

    Your personalized homepage must be doTERRA compliant. You'll need to review the compliance rules before access to the customization is given by Using Essential Oils. Here's more information 

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