doTERRA Blog Posts



Each month Using Essential Oils publishes 4-5 posts from the dōTERRA directly onto your personal website blog, so you always have fresh content on your site for visitors and to share on social media!  The monthly posting includes a mix of essential oil spotlight, recipe, DIY project, science/lifestyle blog posts.  This mix of posts create the basis for creating a monthly automatic RSS blog newsletter.

Here’s a link to our demo site so you can see what it looks like.

You do not need to do  anything to get the dōTERRA blog posts onto your website.  However, to really get these posts to work for you to build your business, we highly recommend that you do 2 things:

  1. Share the posts from your site to your social media sites.  When you share from your site, visitors from your social media sites will actually read the post on your site where you can continue to engage them with more essential oil content, promote your events and encourage them to signup to your newsletter.
  2. Create an RSS feed newsletter template at MailChimp or other newsletter platform that you use so that your subscribers will receive these blog posts directly into their mailbox.  A great way to stay connected!  The beauty of this is that once your template is setup, it will run automatically based on your set schedule.  Read more on how you can setup your MailChimp template Here.

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