Approved & Licensed by dōTERRA®

Using Essential Oils Instant Websites is proud to be the first replicated website developer to be licensed and approved by dōTERRA to provide an instant website solution to all Wellness Advocate ranks that include approved, compliant content inclusive of dōTERRA branded products together with unique and powerful business building tools found only on Using Essential Oils websites.

Click here to view dōTERRA approval notification.

If you have any questions regarding the approval or authorization of our websites contact:

Mikki Helmer
Compliance Supervisor
dōTERRA International, LLC
Phone:  801-437-7972

Notice:  Using Essential Oils Instant Websites are perfect for Wellness Advocates that are looking for a website solution that is complete with dōTERRA approved and branded content.  However, our instant sites do not qualify for individual site certification by dōTERRA.  In other words you will not be able to edit existing content or add blog posts in the Instant Websites option.  We have found that this solution meets the needs of most Wellness Advocates.

If you are looking for a website solution that you can blog and add your own content and that can be individually certified by dōTERRA, we can provide you with a custom solution that includes all of the technology and marketing tools of our instant sites plus free access to our library of 200 pages/posts that you can select to help further build your site content once your site is certified.   Contact us for more information regarding this custom option; click here.



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