Affiliate Commission Rate Change

Continuous Improvement

Dear Affiliates,

Although it has been only a little over a month since we began our new affiliate payment structure, we can see by reviewing the accounts that the program is not working as we originally intended.  Because we appreciate your referrals, the goal was to provide an improvement in payout from our previous one-time $5 thank-you commission.  However, for it to work for all of us, it required to be fully run on an automated affiliate link basis, just like all affiliate programs.

The Problem:

Because we ask our new customers how they find us at time of registration, we have found during this past month that approximately 23% of our new customers indicated an affiliate as a referrer but had not come via an affiliate link.  It’s also possible that they came from a legitimate link but they may have cookies blocked via their browser.  Another reason for a discrepancy is that our 30 day cookie is stored in the browser of the device that was originally used.  If a visitor first came using an affiliate link using a cell phone but came back directly via their laptop, this too would cause a discrepancy.  These issues are not specific to our affiliate program but are issues related to all affiliate programs (except for programs that require visitors to be a member and login).  In other words, with these issues, there is no perfect program. . . . but we want to get closer.

When we had the one-time payment, although labor intensive, we were able to manually provide a credit and payment.  This manual approach is not feasibly possible with our current recurring payment structure.

The Solution:

We want you to get maximum credit for your referral efforts.  Therefore, starting with the payment for February due out at the end of the week, we are going back to a one-time commission.  The new commission is being increased to $10 per paid subscriber!  At our current pricing, that is only 3 referrals a month to get your website free for the month.

Now, unless a subscriber has arrived via someone else’s affiliate link,  you will not lose out on subscribers that write-in your name at time of registration.  We highly encourage all of you to use your affiliate links to help us have an efficient system, plus affiliate link credits will take precedence over a write-in referral.


If you have not gotten your affiliate banner installed on your website yet, click here.

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We truly appreciate all of your promotional efforts and apologize for any confusion that this change may cause.   We value your feedback as we focus on continuous improvement to our offering. We believe most of you will be very happy with this new change.

Best regards,

Kathy Goss




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