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Have you ever wanted to bring more attention to something on your website?

You can now personalize your website with widgets on your blog pages sidebar. You can also change the “New to Essential Oils” widget on your home page.

Whether you want to add a banner for a special promotion or highlight a specific page or post, the options are easy and endless with the 5 widget types available for you to use:

  1.   Text
  2.   Rich Text
  3.   Video
  4.   Audio
  5.   Featured Course



How to Use the Widgets

Widgets are very easy to use.  You will find a dashboard menu titled “Widgets”.  When you click on it, you will see the Widgets dashboard.  On the left side, you will see the 4 widget types and on the right side you will see the 2 sidebar areas that you can add your content.


  1. Select which widget type that you want to use.  For most content, you will use the Rich Text widget.  (Although the standard Text Widget now has some rich text  editing capabilities,  the Rich Text editor is more editing options plus you can choose whether you want to display the title).
  2. Drag your selected widget using your mouse over to the sidebar.
  3. The widget will open and you can add your content.  For the Rich Text Widget (shown below), first add a title, then check whether you want the title to display on the front-end, then click on the “Edit Content” button and the rich text editor will open for you to easily add your content.  Note:  The sidebar is 250px wide so make sure that you size your images accordingly.
  4. Save.


Widget types can be re-used so you can create as many widgets that you want.  Just keep dragging and dropping them over to the sidebar.

Removing Widgets

To remove a widget from your sidebar, you have 2 choices based on whether you may want to re-use the widget in the future.

  1.  To save for future use, just drag the widget to the “Inactive Widget” section.  Whenever you want to re-use it, just drag it back.
  2. To delete completely, just drag the widget back to the “Available Widgets” section.



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